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The Funding

Through this campaign we are trying to cover basic expenses for our trip and the charity money we need to raise.
Just to give you an idea of the expenses:

  • 2,400€ to buy our Nissan Micra
  • 1,000€ to pimp the car in order to stand all the harsh road conditions we are going to face.
  • 3,000€ for the Visas for all the -stan countries
  • 2,500€ for registration to the rally and guarantee to the organisers
  • 1,800€ estimated for air-tickets to get back home
  • 600€ for necessary camping equipment
  • 1,000€ for car and personal insurance
  • 1,500€ for gasoline
  • 1,000€ for shipping the car back
  • At least 1,200€ for the NGOs we support

A part of these expenses – and some more not mentioned here – we will try to cover them through sponsoring. For the rest, we would like to have your help!

In return we are willing to offer postcards from the end of the world; unique, collectible T-Shirts (White, Green); large, signed prints of spectacular photos from our trip; stickers with your name and logo to adorn our car and even the car itself !!!

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:
An empty pocket does not mean an empty heart… So please spread the word. You may have a rich uncle or friend. 

Help us  to make this dream come true …and once you decide to get outside the comfort zone and chase your dreams as well, be sure that we will be here to support you 😉

Click here to contribute:


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