The Mongol Rally Czech Party!


If there is something like “Alice in Wonderland” for motorization, that would definitely be the Mongol Rally!

On Tuesday, July 22 was the 2nd official launching in Czech Republic (the 1st one was in England on Saturday) and we were there!

About 100 of 250 teams of the Rally were there with us and it was more like a party than a ceremony! Everything you see at a music festival, colorful people, live shows, lots of craziness!

Anyone who thinks that motor shows are serious and boring, would probably have to do some rethinking. Cars with cow heads or palm trees or even reindeers (!) stuck on them, tweaked limos, ice cream trucks ready to cross the dessert!

Craziness was all over the place. Teams dressed up as anything you could possibly imagine, playing football, dancing, trying out their new golf clubs… We stopped at every car to read the stickers (because WE HAD TO!), to see car racks positioned in any way on the car roofs and to listen to the first Rally stories.

We met with teams who were stopped at the German borders, because their used car was chased by Interpol, teams who came from the U.S.A., Australia and Korea and a crazy guy who decided to drive his brand new Ferrari to the Steppes!

We shared ideas, met with people we’ ve been talking to for so long and of course we were a part of the celebrations that lasted until the morning. The night was full of Balkan music, freak shows, fire shows, DJ sets and lots (like lots) of beer!

That was the last time we were all together and now, each team has started its journey to Ulan Bator. Some have chosen the North route, some the dangerous borders of Ukraine and Russia and some others the small villages of Iran.

The Mongol Rally - Czech party!

Good luck to all of us, hope to see you all at Ulan Bator!


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